A Caring Home With Friends was rated the BEST ASSISTED LIVING FACILITY IN CARROLLTON, TX, by the nationally-rated company Senior Advisor!

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“A Caring Home With Friends has helped our mom, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, become much calmer, happier and stronger than her previous home.  The atmosphere and staff have been instrumental in causing those changes through constant presence, pleasant demeanor and willingness to serve her.  The exercise program has done great things for her ability to rise from a seated position and walk.  A Caring Home With Friends offered a safe, well-maintained family-style environment at a reasonable price.  We like the staff’s caring attitude & the fact that caring is not just an advertising word!” – J.O.’s Family

“I like the food here because the staff prepares everything fresh, and we have variety!  The food is arranged colorfully on the plate, and when food is attractive, it makes us want to eat it. It’s nutritional….but my favorite thing about eating here is that we all get together like a family, and this is the time we interact with each other.” – Ms. E, Resident

“The staff of “A Caring Home” is phenomenal! My friends are so well taken care of and are so much happier to be here. Their whole demeanor is more joyful & their health is VASTLY improved. B.B. is getting around much easier and E.B. LOVES her garden! My deepest thanks & gratitude for taking such good care of my friends.” – Terrie Gattfried

“I can leave my friend here at peace knowing that she has beautiful friends like all of you to see to their needs. Thank you beautiful people for loving the Lord as she does. A Caring Home is blessed to have all of you here. Smart people chose all of you. What a blessing…” – Thank you! – Brenda Bellomy

“The Team at A Caring Home With Friends Assisted Living & Memory Care Facility has been an answer to prayer! I am SO happy that I found you. You’ve helped the family I referred to you so much, in such a short period of time. Thank you for your knowledge and swift action to make a profound, positive difference so quickly!” – Kimberly Shoaf, A Perfect Solution

“I really enjoyed the tour and really am impressed with the garden area in the backyard.  That is definitely  a plus for your residence!” – Rex Norris, Owner, Caring Transitions

” A Caring Home With Friends Assisted Living Facility has already proven to be an invaluable resource for my family. While searching for an for my mother who suffers with complications from M.S., I came across A Caring Home With Friends. The place is absolutely beautiful, and both my sister and I fell in love with the willingness of the staff to ensure everyone could and would be comfortable. This was by far the greatest service I’ve ever received in the 10 years dealing with my mother’s need for special care. A Caring Home With Friends will be a great organization in the future because it has already started as one! There’s no place like home, and A Caring Home With Friends ensures you feel like you’re right there!” – M.A.’s Family